3 tips on PCOS by Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor has shared her experience with PCOS through Instagram. She reveals things and also gave tips for PCOS

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3 tips on PCOS by Sonam Kapoor

On Instagram, Sonam K Ahuja has talked about PCOS and revealed her experience with PCOS. Here Sonam Kapoor has shared 3 tips on PCOS.

Sonam K Ahuja has shared “Storytime With Sonam”. In “Storytime With Sonam” she shared something personal that is about PCOS.

She also revealed that she was struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for 14 or 15 years. Sonam has also shared a video where she talks about her experience and the pain of PCOD or PCOS.

PCOD or PCOS is very common among a lot of women and many are finding the solution for this. If we talk about PCOD or PCOS symptoms are not the same as everyone.

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Sonam said that she went to several doctors, naturopaths, dieticians, nutritionists, and many more to help her out with PCOS. She also said right now she is a better and healthy place.

Through Instagram, Sonam shared her learning with PCOS or PCOD and her treatments. But before she continues she appealed the viewers to consult with their doctors before going to imply these things.

Tips for PCOD or PCOS

Sonam Kapoor has shared 3 tips related to PCOD or PCOS. She is saying all this through her own experience.

1.  Exercise – She can’t emphasize enough how important it is to exercise and to walk. Walking is something that we don’t do anymore as our lifestyles become extremely settable.  Sonam has walked 10,000 steps a day that she learned through the process.

excercise @ 3 tips on PCOS by Sonam Kapoor

2.   Yoga – Yoga is something that makes you mobile and it makes you strong. Yoga even increases the strength of the cardiovascular system. Sonam suggests Suryanamaskar, and stretching yoga for PCOD or PCOS. 

Yoga @ 3 tips on PCOS by Sonam Kapoor

 Yoga has another element which is meditation and breathing exercises. Stress contributes to PCOD or PCOS whether the stress is the environment, mental, or any kind of stress, said Sonam.

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3.   Avoid Sugar – Sugar is something that makes you feel good and then you came crashing down. Sonam has given up sugar completely. She said refined sugar is poisoned and very harmful to the human body system.

Sonam’s life has changed since she gives up sugar completely. You can get sugar out of fruits like oranges, apple, and other fruits. Avoiding sugar really helped out Sonam Kapoor in many ways.

These are the 3 tips given by Sonam Kapoor on PCOD or PCOS. Sonam Kapoor said do you have any other PCOS hacks and tips then let her know about it through a comment.

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