Anand correct Sonam on Birthday’s Count down

Sonam created a birthday countdown for Anand. She doing a countdown since 24th July on Anand’s favorite things.

Anand-correct- Sonam-on-birthday’s-count-down (Courtesy - Instagram)

Anand correct Sonam on Birthday’s Count down

Only 4 days left for Anand’s birthday, Sonam has shared an IGTV via Instagram telling Anand’s four favorite foods. In this Anand correct Sonam over the listing of his favorite food which she shared as Anand Birthday’s Count down.

Though video she was pretty sure about her answers and also she hopes she’s right. But while replying to her video Anand correct her with favorite of food he likes.

In this video, she shared Anand’s four all-time favorite food which are South Indian food, Japanese, Marinara Pizza, North Indian food. Anand’s love typical Indian food

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Anand love South Indian food, they both have their best dates at Dakshinayan, Mumbai. They also love eating South Indian food at The Leela. She also said that The Leela has such good South Indian food.

Anand correct Sonam
Anand correct Sonam (Courtesy – Instagram)

According to Sonam, Anand obsessed with Marinara Pizza, which she doesn’t consider a pizza because this pizza does not have cheese over it. This pizza only has Marinara sauce, lots of chilies, and garlic over the pizza bread.

Last but not least Anand’s favorite cuisine is North Indian food that is “Ghar ka khana”. He loves Ghar ka Khana whether it at Sonam house or his own house. However, he loves to go to Jamavar in London for North Indian food. These are Anand’s four favorite foods according to Sonam.

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Further, Anand correct Sonam on the priorities of his favorite foods, by saying that his top priority food is Ghar ka Khanna then South Indian food. On number 3, his favorite food is Pizza, that Sonam said Marinara. The Marinara pizza that prepared in a proper unit of the oven, with thin crust used in proper Italian style. He shared that Marinara pizza is a very authentic Italian pizza.

Then Anand told that Sonam miss Mexican food which he also loves a lot. They don’t find any great Mexican food in India and in London. After Mexican food, he loves Japanese food which is basically a lot of cucumbers, avocado sushi, sticky rice, and lightly cooked veggies.

From 24th July Sonam had shared Anand’s favorite things. On Seven days left countdown Sonam shared Anand’s favorite seven Sneakers, then on six days left she shared Anand’s favorite six music artists. Five days left she shared Anand’s favorite five cites. Four days left Sonam shared Anand’s four favorite foods which he loves the most.

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