Anupam first time spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput

Today through social media actor Anupam Kher spoke about the Sushant’s death.

Sushant - Anupam Kher
Sushant - Anupam Kher (Courtesy - Twitter)

Anupam first time spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput

Actor Anupam Kher finally spoke about the Sushant Singh Rajput death mystery. Anupam first time spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput.

Through Twitter, Anupam Kher said Sushant’s family and his fans deserve to know about the truth. There are many things going in Sushant’s case whether it’s a murder or suicide. Sushant’s fans and his family want CBI investigation on this case.

Further, Anupam Kher also shared a video through Twitter, talking about the current condition of Sushant’s case. There is so much that has been said related to his case and also many conspiracy theories are coming up. But it not about who stands which side it’s about ensuring that this case would reach a logical conclusion.

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In the video shared by Anupam via twitter stated that from 14th June 2020 the day Sushant Singh Rajput commit suicide. The case report of Sushant’s death until now is unsolved.

On Sushant’s death, Anupam Kher and along with other Bollywood stars did not speak up yet. But today for the first time Anupam Kher shared a video by stating his words for Sushant’s Death.

anupam-first-time-spoke-about-sushant-singh-rajput (Courtesy – Twitter)

In this situation of Sushant’s case, Anupam Kher said we should ensure that this case would reach a logical conclusion. As a co-star and especially as a good human being Anupam Kher appeals by saying Sushant was someone brother, son, he has done a very tremendous work in the film industry. We don’t need to criticize anyone we just need to found out the logical end of his death.

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There should be a logical end for his suicide case, who is the culprit and who is not, how many are involved in this, and so on. The Sushant case should solved with logical thinking along with practical thing. There are 50 thousand theories whether we agree or not it doesn’t matter, but we should now the truth, said Anupam.

His brother, sister, father, fans, and those who are appealing for the Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, for those Anupam said we should feel them that we all are together. Blindfold in this situation reveals cowardice.

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