Can an Art student take Biology in class 11th?

The New Education Policy has changed the traditional education system. Let’s find out what are the changes have done and how students get benefitted from this.

New Education Policy

Can an Art student take Biology in class 11th?

The New Education Policy (NEP), launched on 29th July, 2020. There are many doubts arises in students minds, that can an art student take biology in class 11th, can a science student take economics with it, and many more.

India’s first Education Policy, established in 1968 under the guidance of Indira Gandhi. The second Education Policy, established in 1986 under the guidance of Rajiv Gandhi. The Education Policy modified in 1992 under the guidance of P.V Narsimha Rao.

After 34 years, the New Education Policy has implemented with new rules and the main focus on vocational studies. The old education system which has a 10+2 structure has been replaced by a 5+3+3+4 new structure.

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The most important changes done in new education policy. The Ministry of Human Resource Development renamed as Ministry of Education. Then the Government has proposed the GDP investment in education is to increased from 1.6% to 6%.

In this, main focus is to increase gross enrolment ratio. It is estimated that it will be increased to 50% by 2035.

There are many questions that arise in the minds of students regarding the stream preference. Whether they can opt biology with arts, science with economics, and many more.

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Yes, according to new education policy after 10th there no strict rules of streams. Art students can take biology in 11th, science students can take economics, commerce students can take physics, and many more.

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There is no hard and fast rule in choosing your subject after 10th. The government main focus is to enhance the knowledge and also find out the actual passion within students.

In new policy, there is one good thing that from the 6th standard all students has to learn Coding. As there is no hard and fast rule in choosing subjects after 10th or especially streams.

This will ensure students to pursue their core subjects with more interest. Also, this will help students with their future goals.

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