COVID-19 vaccination drive start soon: India


COVID-19 vaccination drive start soon: India

The World is fighting with coronavirus and lost many lives, in everyone is eagerly waiting for the COVID-19 vaccination. Countries have starte

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The World is fighting with coronavirus and lost many lives, in everyone is eagerly waiting for the COVID-19 vaccination. Countries have started the trial and procedure of COVID-19 vaccination throughout their nation. The Government is planning to provide vaccination to citizens of India in the next six to eight months. COVID-19 vaccination drive will start soon in India.


  1. Why COVID-19 vaccination is important?
  2. How to register for the vaccine
  3. Who will first get the vaccine?
  4. What is the procedure at the vaccination center?
  5. Dose required for COVID-19 vaccination

Finally, the COVID-19 vaccination has reached India. The Government of India has issued guidelines on how one person gets a vaccine, why vaccination is important, how to register you to get the vaccination, and who is the first person who receives the vaccination. Let’s understand why COVID-19 vaccination is important.

On Sunday, India’s drug regulatory have approved Oxford COVID-19 vaccine Covishield which is manufactured by the Serum Institute. The approval has given on the basis of recommendations submitted by a COVID-19 SEC (Subject Expert Committee) of CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization).  

Why COVID-19 vaccination is important?

As with respect to coronavirus, the government has launched the proper use of hand sanitizers, use of mask while going out, the importance of personal hygiene. This procedure helps in reducing the spread of coronavirus. To end the coronavirus and live freely again, scientists and researchers are working hard to crack the coronavirus and bring out the vaccine that suitable for every citizen.

Vaccination is a safe and protective way to prevent any disease and even vaccination has saved a million life per year. There are other vaccines available to protect from different diseases. Such vaccinations are Diphtheria, tetanus, influenza, and many more.

Up to 3 Million people are benefitted from vaccinations every year. When get vaccinated, we aren’t just protecting ourselves from virus or disease but we also protect our loved ones from disease or virus.

COVID-19 vaccination is considered important. By getting the COVID-19 vaccine, it will protect you from getting ill from coronavirus anymore. It will boost your immunity and produce the antibodies of Covid19 and even protect people around you.

How to register for the vaccine:

India is planning for a mass vaccination program. This mass vaccination can start any day in a few days.



  1. Register yourself on CoWIN website
  2. Documents required- election ID, Aadhaar card, Driving license, pension document, PAN card, MNREGA job card, and passport.
  3. The Aadhaar card authentication can happen through biometrics, OTP, or demographics.
  4. Once you get registered, the date and time will be allotted for vaccination. The information you receive through message. 
  5. No On-spot registration for vaccination. Only pre-registered applicants are allowed to the center.


Who will first get the vaccine?

In the first phase of the vaccination drive, free vaccination is provided across the nation to the most prioritized beneficiaries, said Union Health Minister. These include one crore healthcare person and two crore frontline workers.

1.         Healthcare workers

Around one crore Healthcare workers working in both private and government hospitals will receive the dose first. These healthcare workers are further divided into categories that are frontline health and ICDC workers than nurses and supervisors, after then medical officers, paramedical staff, support staff, and students.

2.         Frontline workers and Municipal workers

After Healthcare workers, the frontline and municipal workers will receive the dose of COVID-19 vaccination. Around 2 crore frontline workers will get the Covid19 vaccine.

The frontline workers include the state and central police department, armed forces, disaster management, civil defense, house guards, jail staff, municipal workers, and revenue officials. Those workers who are associated with the state government, ministries of defense, home, housing, and urban affairs will also include in this phase of vaccination.

3.         People above 50 years of age will receive vaccination after frontline workers.

4.         Then people who are living in high COVID-19 infection areas will receive the vaccination.

5.         After containment areas, normal and other populations will receive the vaccination of COVID-19.

What is the procedure at the vaccination center?

The centers will allot in every region to receive the COVID-19 shot. At the center, there will be three separate rooms allotted for the step by step procedure. One room allotted as waiting areas, the second for observation, and a third one for the vaccination.

These steps will ensure social distancing and also crowd management. After the COVID-19 vaccine shot each volunteer will be monitored for almost 30 minutes to check after-effects or symptoms of the vaccine.  

The dose required for COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination dose will complete with two rounds of doses. The second dose of COVID-19 vaccination will give after the gap of 28 days.

After completing the full dose of COVID-19 vaccination, each and every individual will be honored with a certificate.  

Around 18,177 coronavirus cases recorded in the last 24 hours. The total number of cases is 1.03 crore cases reported till now.