Delhi air quality falling: CPCB


Delhi air quality falling: CPCB

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Delhi air quality falling: CPCB

Today at 11 am, Delhi’s overall air quality index value was recorded as 401. According to CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board), Delhi air quality is falling.

On Wednesday morning Delhi’s air quality fell to the ‘severe’ category. It was recorded as 401 air quality index between 6 am and 11 am. The prominent pollutants were in the particulate matter having both PM 2.5 and PM 10.

On 15th November, Delhi’s Air Quality Index was in the ‘severe’ category. After that, it had enhanced and remains as ‘poor’ or ‘moderate’ category until 22nd November.

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The last week Delhi AQI was recorded as 274 on Sunday, 251 on Saturday, 296 on Friday, and 283 on Thursday. Even this week AQI was 388 on Tuesday and 302 on Monday.

If the Air Quality Index recorded in between 0 to 50 then it was considered as ‘good’. If AQI recorded in between 51 to 100 then it was considered as ‘satisfactory’. AQI recorded in between 101 to 200 then it was considered as ‘moderate’. AQI in between 201 to 300 considered as ‘poor’, 301 to 400 considered as ‘very poor’ and 401 to 500 considered as ‘severe’.

According to CPCB, any reading above 100 in the scale of Air quality index is considered unsafe for health. Noida Sector 1 AQI recorded as ‘severe’ at 1 pm where Gurugram AQI recorded as ‘very poor’ this morning.

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