Dia launches “Anne Klein Considered” via Instagram

Through Instagram Dia Mirza has launched the new collection of Titan watches. Find out the latest watches that Titan has launched in India.

Dia-launches-“anne-klein-considered” (Courtesy - Instagram)

Dia Mirza launches “Anne Klein Considered” via Instagram

The all-new collection of watches by Titan has been launched by Dia Mirza at 5 PM through Instagram. Dia Mirza launches “Anne Klein Considered” via Instagram.

On 28th July, Dia come online on Instagram and launched the “Anne Klein Considered” watches a line of Anne Klein which was distributed by Titan in India. She launched this series of watches with the help of Titan CEO, Suparna Mitra.

This collection of “Anne Klein Considered” matters a lot to Dia Mirza as well as the Titan. She told that this collection was launched with the help of the first lady CEO of Titan watches, Suparna Mitra. In the online launch of “Anne Klein Considered”, they both were talking about the very special collection that they are launching.

Further Suparma Mitra joined the live Instagram with Dia Mirza. Dia shared that when she gets to know about the collection she was very excited. She said as today is an ideal day to launch this special collection in World Conservation day.

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Before launching the watches, Dia Mirza asked Suparna Mitra that what is like to be the first lady CEO of Titan. Suparna replied it was wonderful as first lady CEO of Titan but when I considered myself with other company lady CEO then it was not be likened. Suparna has appreciated the environment of Titan with respect to gender inclusivity. Further, she shared that being the first CEO is a great honor and it is also being a testament to 28 years of career.

Dia shared by saying when we talk about a sustainable future and now we also have collectively begun to discover how important sustainability. The people who are vulnerable to climate change. When we talk about inclusivity we have to talk about nature that is one of the reasons why Dia was excited to launch this wonderful collection.

This is the very first-time new collection is being launched on Instagram Live and Dia was very proud to be part of it. It’s a new collection of Anne Klein called AK Considered. It’s a collection of watches that have been designed by keeping the environment and the planet in mind.

Dia further showed her watch by saying it’s absolutely a gorgeous watch that they both are wearing. Then Dia explained why this watch is a special one. She tells about the five design elements of watches that make it environmentally friendly and also a sustainable choice.

Dia Mirza with Suparna Mitra
Dia Mirza with Suparna Mitra (Courtesy – Instagram)

The very first design element of this watch is a solar battery; all of the watches of this collection are in build solar battery. This solar battery means that the batteries are rechargeable, unlike the traditional battery.  The strap with look like leather but actually make of organic waste materials like apple peel, pineapples, and cork.

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This strap is made up of organic materials which means no cruelty to animals. This is a great step where you are not harming any animal but it looks like leather. Dia added that it’s a perfect example where innovation and fashion come together to make a more sustainable design.

The third element of this watch is the Bazzel on the watches are not made of plastics they are made with renewable plastics. This means that these plastics are made up of natural cotton and wood fiber.

The fourth element was the crystals are from Swarovski crystals which are lead-free and completely toxin-free. This is an example where there is no compromise with looks with the design that is very considerable and thoughtful.

Then the last element, most people are considered about the packaging of products. The packaging bag of AK Considered watches is made up of 80% post-consumer waste. That means the box is made up of recycled waste. The cushion is also made up of organic cotton that fascinates Dia more.

The collection of Anne Klein Considered keeps the planet in mind and also ensuring that we reduce our environmental impact. Anne Klein is an international brand that launches his watches in India with a thoughtful mind and with an innovative idea. Titan is associated with Anne Klein brand and they sell their products in India.

Dia further told the future of fashion must be sustainable; more the brands will come forward with the thoughtfulness and awareness of the environment. For more detail on watches can check it on @ titan.co.in

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