Dia Mirza organized ‘Down to Earth with Dee’

Dia Mirza organized ‘Down to Earth with Dee’ On 22nd July, Dia Mirza organized, ‘Down to Earth with Dee’. This week Dia Mirza spoke with Avanti. S

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Dia Mirza organized ‘Down to Earth with Dee’

On 22nd July, Dia Mirza organized, ‘Down to Earth with Dee’. This week Dia Mirza spoke with Avanti. She is a remarkable individual who has made it a sustainable choice and is hopefully going to inspire many of us to make more sustainable choices her name is Avanti.

Avanti has a wonderful blog @thelowwaster. This blog helps us how we can lead the lifestyle that reduces the amount of waste that we created. It is plastic-free July we are talking with people how we can reduce our individual waste, and help us to lead more environmentally friendly lives.

Dia Mirza organizes this event through Instagram Video call. In this many people joined them. Dia has asked questions related to the environment, plastic, and how someone can reduce the use of plastics.

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She shared that plastic pollution is damaging the environment as well as our health. This is the time when we can utilize the power of time with the power of individual by creating something unique. Dia Mirza follows the Avanti blog @thelowwaster.

In 2008, Avanti decided to lead a low waste life such as by using a minimum of plastic things that cause damage to the environment. Avanti wants to be a part of the change by thinking differently and make different choices. Most things are packed into plastics that destroy our oceans, environment.

Dia-Mirza-Avanti (Courtesy – Instagram)

Avanti said that even it’s one tiny change, but it counts as a difference. To make a difference you first need to introspect yourself and think how the work is done with minimal use of plastic things. There are many things like sac, jars, containers which we are already equipped with, simply carry with you. You don’t have to buy new carry bags.

Dia asked Avanti about the first five, things that instantly you can discontinue when we talk about single used plastics. Avanti replied as- Single use produce bag, Cloth bag, Sanitary Napkins instead of plastic ones, switch the entire cosmetics, and use moisturizer and environment-friendly cosmetics.

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Dia shared her experience by saying in Mumbai there was a culture of ordering in from a local vendor shop. Then Dia figures out the system of single-use plastic by saying she deposits her cloth bag to the vendor shop and told them that whenever you deliver at my home, deliver in this particular cloth bag.

Plastics destroying marine life and polluting the Earth. Over 100,000 sea turtles and other aquatic animals die because of plastic. Since 2018 Avanti is living a low waste, minimalist lifestyle. She has a blog though which people get aware of plastic waste and change their lifestyle to living low waste.

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