Do you enjoy Horror Movies: Sonam Kapoor

do you enjoy horror movies sonam Kapoor
Pic courtesy - @Sonam K Ahuja

Do you enjoy Horror Movies: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor on Instagram has talked about horror movies and Halloween. Do you enjoy Horror Movies asked by Sonam Kapoor.

She shared the list of Horror movies that she watched and also liked them. As Sonam is excited about Halloween, she has ready the list of horror movies that she is going to watch.

Sonam always such a fun time to just stream horror movies back to back, even bundled up at home. This year the celebration of Halloween is might different than before. She even thanked this year’s scariest ghost.

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She is so pumped up to sharing her favorite horror film that kick-off the binge-watching sessions. She has watched horror movies countless times and still, she gets the chills each time she watches.

Horror Movies:

1.         The Omen

2.         The Ring

Horror Movies 1
Pic Courtesy – Instagram

3.         The Exorcist

4.         The Wailing

5.         Bhoot

6.         The Blair Witch Project

7.         The Silence of the Lambs

8.         The Shining

9.         Paranormal Activity

Sonam has shared her list of Horror movies that she is going to watch this Halloween. She added this entire movie list in Sonam Watches.

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Halloween is a holiday which was celebrated on 31st October every year. Halloween is originated in Ireland and celebrated by many other countries.

The activities of Halloween include trick or treating, attending Halloween parties with costumes, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns. Also lighting the bonfires, apple bobbing,  divination games, playing pranks, and visiting haunted attractions.

A Halloween activity also includes telling scary stories and also watching horror movies. As the World is fighting with COVID-19 and also recovering from it.

In this Coronavirus pandemic, Sonam Kapoor is excited about how this Halloween is going on. She asked that do you enjoy horror movies or do you hate them. She also wants to know which horror movie is your favorite.

Comment her on Instagram @SonamKapoor.

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