Doctors successfully treated NAM patient in Pune

The patient was successfully recovered from a rare muscle disease known as NAM. Does not breathe properly, swallow properly, and also lost sensation in limbs.


Doctors successfully treated NAM patient in Pune

Vitthal Gadade was admitted to Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. He was kept in observation at ICU. Around one month of process doctors successfully treated NAM patient in Pune.

He developed high fever and weakness with having problem in breathing and swallowing. At first, he gets his treatment from a nearby private hospital, where he was injected with steroids that result in swelling of his body. There his condition is get worsed.

From the private hospital, he was shifted to Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. The doctor of Ruby Hall clinic stated that Vitthal has lost all his sensation in his limbs and his body was swollen. Vitthal can’t even move his neck.

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Right after the admission in ICU, doctors conducted a series of tests. His biopsy sample has sent to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science (NIMHNS), Banglore. Doctors have started injecting intravenous immunoglobulin, which he responded positively. 

Vitthal spent almost 20 days in ICU, where he has given anti-cancer medicine. Doctors use Anti-cancer medicine to hold back the excess immunity of the Vitthal body that has produced. After 20 days spent in ICU, Vitthal now able to swallow, breathe properly, and can even move around.

Ruby-Hall-Clinic (Courtesy – Ruby Hall Clinic)

Gadade has rare disease NAM, he produced NAM through viral infection. This viral infection generated protein in an excess amount which was destroying his muscles. The excess amount of protein production in muscles can cause weakening of muscles as well as destroy the cells.

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What is NAM?

Necrotizing Autoimmune Myopathy (NAM), it is a rare form of idiopathic inflammatory myopathy. In this condition, the cell death is very common. Cell death of muscles can cause weakness and fever. There is no known cause of this disease is found out so far. The treatment is done to manage the symptoms of NAN. Not proper treatment is a guide lined for NAM.

There are several signs and symptoms of NAM which are weakening of muscles, facing problems in climbing stairs, and standing up from the chair. When fall getting a problem in getting up. It is a general feeling of tiredness. This caused by the weakening of muscles of forearms, thighs, hips, shoulders, neck.

This disease can also trigger by some genetic reason or any other viral infection, which causes weakening of muscles.

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