Junk food banned for students: FSSAI

FSSAI has ordered to ban junk food sales in the school canteen. Let’s find out why FSSAI has banned junk food.

Junk Food

Junk food banned for students: FSSAI

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has ordered junk food banned for students in the school canteen and within 50 meters of the school campus.

Food is high in saturated fat or Trans fat and also contains added sugar or sodium that cannot sold to school children, according to the regulation.

The Junk food cannot sold at the school canteen, mess, hostel canteen. It should not sold within the range 50 meters from the school gate. It stated that the regulation is must be clear about the fundamental idea to make sure what is healthy and unhealthy for children.

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The Food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) has said sufficient time will be given to all stakeholders before enforcing the regulation. As per the regulation on food, FSSAI would direct Food Authorities and the Department of School Education to frame the balanced diet for children in school.

Food Business Operator (FBO) also banned advertisements and marketing related to junk food that fascinates the children. The logos, brand names, posters, textbook that are having junk food as advertisement is banned in the school.

They said that school authorities should ensure that hoarding containing warning related to junk food. The food that contains high level of saturated fat or added sugar should not consume within the premise. It also should consume within 50 meters of school gates. These hoarding should be applicable in any language that is familiar to Students and nearby sellers.

Mid-day meal operated by the state government has also got the license. They all have to fulfill the requirements of sanitization and hygienic practices in making food.

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FSSAI has also regulated a comprehensive program for promoting safe food and a balanced diet for school children. They appeal to school campuses to regulate “Eat Right Campus”. Focus on the regulation of safe and healthy food among children.

School Authority should engage nutritionists, dietitians for the preparation of the menu for the children. In school, there should be regular inspections of the premises. To ensure the safety of food and also check balanced and hygienic food for students. 

It is important to sow a seed of right eating habits in children from an early age, to ensure the importance of a healthy and balanced diet which leads to developing cognitive ability in children, said by FSSAI.

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