News Headlines of June Month 2020

The month of June 2020 has encountered many news headlines. Let’s find out the major news headlines of the month of June 2020.

Narendra Modi (Courtesy - Twitter)

News Headlines of June Month 2020

In June, the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a series of important announcements. The month of June was under Unlock 2.0. News headlines were flooded with Unlock of India in June month 2020.

The first breaking news of June Month comes on 3rd June 2020 that Australia has faced its first recession after 29 years. Australia was shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As household consumption plays a major factor whereas millions of people have lost their jobs.

As India is already suffering from COVID-19, the government has started to reopen the workplaces. On 5th June, the Government of India has launched the new guidelines for workplaces. The government allowed offices of the green zone and orange zone to operate with full preventive measures.

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The more cases arise, the more hospital beds are getting filled. In June the government has faced the challenge of available beds in hospitals. On June 6, 2020, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has given a statement that black marketing of beds has to end. Through this statement, he also launched an application where patients can check online about the availability of beds in a hospital.

On June 7, 2020, it recorded that India has become 5th worst hit nation in the COVID-19 list. At that time India has surpassed Italy and Spain by having 2,43,733 cases.

From 8th June Unlock1.0 has initiated in India. In this Unlock, Government has induced some relaxation over Lockdown guidelines. However, this Unlock was not applicable to containment areas.


After first Unlock, the statement released and it said the lifting of lockdown can lead to the second of COVID-19 in India. This statement has media coverage on 10th June. Through this survey, many questions raised towards the decision of Unlock.

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On 12th June, it recorded that India recoveries cases have overtaken the active cases. India has 141,842 active coronavirus cases and 147,194 recovered cases.

On June 14, all media has flooded with Sushant Singh Rajput suicide. At the age of 34, Sushant has committed suicide. Through investigation, it was clear that Sushant murdered.

In between headlines, the tension between the India-China border has increased. There was a statement released by Army Chief General MM Naravane that “The differences will be settled through dialogue”.

But on 15th June night, there was faceoff broke between India and China troops. On 15th June, Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi stats that Jawan Sacrifice will not go in vain. 

SIPRI has released a report that says, China and Pakistan have more nuclear weapons than India. This report released on 16th June. Then at Jammu and Kashmir, the Border Security Force (BSF) and International Border (IB) has shot down a drone from Pakistan. This drone contains rifles, magazines, and grenades.

On 27th June, the government has suspended the International Flights till 15th July. This suspension was due to COVID-19 cases.

The guidelines for Unlock 2.0 has released on 30th June. This Unlock 2.0 has applicable till 31st July. There was relaxation on night curfew, allowance of domestic flights and trains, and many more.

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