Our journey begins: Riteish Deshmukh

Our journey begins: Riteish Deshmukh On 21st July, Riteish Deshmukh took on twitter and shares his journey of @ImagineMeats with his wife Genelia

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Our journey begins: Riteish Deshmukh

On 21st July, Riteish Deshmukh took on twitter and shares his journey of @ImagineMeats with his wife Genelia D’Souza. Riteish added as “Our journey begins”.

Riteish stated that 4 years back, I and Genelia went vegetarian and from here ‘Our journey begins’. Here Riteish and Genelia wanted to live more consciously to became the better caretakers of this planet for us and our children.

At the beginning of becoming vegetarian, Riteish and Genelia took this opportunity as a journey of discovery whereas Genelia took this journey with ease and expertise. Genelia got a certificate in plant-based nutrition.

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For Riteish who was hard-core non-vegetarian entire life facing craving for Kebabs, Keema, and curries. He always though their much be something to satisfy the craving without the negative effect of eating non-veg.

However, Riteish and Genelia have tried many international products which are plant-based but it was tasty and cook like meat and we really like them. This finally gave us a chance to satisfy our craving for non-veg.

Then they both wanted to introduce this concept in India so that many people can satisfy the craving for non-veg. Last year Genelia and Riteish had attended “The Good Food” Conference in San Francisco. With the help of Varun Deshpande, they both became part of the Global community and with the rest of the team of GFI globally that are Brazil, Israel, Europe.

Imagine Meats
Imagine Meats (Courtesy – Twitter)

Then they both get a chance to visit some of the leading companies in plant-based foods. Also, get a chance to meet some excellent partners and collaborators at ADM. They all are working in this pandemic situation of COVID-19. They are capable of sending us samples from Berlin to Babhalgaon (Latur).

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Then Riteish added that after years of searching, imagining and exploring the food which tastes like non-veg and it was plant-based food. Finally, we got a chance and start our own entrepreneurial venture in this pandemic situation.

Riteish announced the venture name as Imagine Meats. Further, he added that Genelia and I are so excited about this venture. Now no more veg people are going to miss non-veg taste in plant-based products.

Though this post and prior announcement done by Riteish and Genelia made people more curious about the plant-based product which is going to taste like meat.

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