Points mentioned by Kangana when spoke with Arnab

Kangana Ranaut spoke to Arnab Goswami on Friday. Find out points that are mentioned by Kangana through interviews.

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Points mentioned by Kangana when spoke with Arnab

On Wednesday, Kangana had spoken with Editor – in – Chief Arnab Goswami, Republic Channel. There are points mentioned by Kangana when she spoke with Arnab.

On 18th July Kangana had first spoken about the Sushant Singh Rajput case publically. From that point, there is awareness regarding the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

As Mumbai Police is trying to close the case by declaring as “Accidental Suicide” but after the reported evidence and through media it was cleared that is not a suicide. Through this Arnab gives credit to Kangana Ranaut and appreciates his efforts.

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On 27th August, Rhea Chakraborty had first spoken with Rajdeep Sardesai on Aaj Tak Channel. This makes many controversies for her because she spoke a day before her CBI inquiry and a day after when drug matter opens.

Kangana Ranaut spoke with Arnab on Friday and said she had sawed Rhea Chakraborty’s interview on Aaj Tak. Although, she believes in every word Rhea Chakraborty said in an interview but Kangana had some 2 – 3 points to consider.

Kangana Speak with Arnab
Kangana Speak with Arnab (Courtesy – Republic Channel)

Points to Consider:

Kangana raised point by saying when Sushant Singh Rajput met Rhea Chakraborty he suffered Depression. Rhea Chakraborty had told in her interview that Sushant was normal before they both met.

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Depression is not equal to suicide many people have faced depression in the film industry, said Kangana Ranaut Chances of suicide under depression, that of many years not even from few months.

The second point Kangana Ranaut points out is if Sushant’s mother also suffered from the same problem then what about Sushant’s siblings. Sushant’s siblings are absolutely fine as of now.

The disease like mental illness, depression is dormant in the human body. Unless you trigger them with external stimulants, stress, conspiracies, and many more. 

Kangana asked does there was any planning related to these dormant genes. Whether some people knew about Sushant was carrying these dormant genes.

Why Sushant Singh Rajput commit suicide? Did someone murder him or the abetment of suicide so that he commits suicide himself? Kangana asked.

While speaking with Arnab, Kangana has shared her experience of facing drugs and how she trapped in Mafia. She also said how she suppressed when she wants to tell the nation about the black marketing of drugs in the industry.

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