Postponement of the NEET/JEE exam is important

Conduction of NEET and JEE examination in COVID-19 crisis rise cases. Find out more about why the cancellation of examination is important.


Why the postponement of the NEET/JEE exam is important.

On Friday, NTA (National Testing Agency) released the JEE (Main) Admit cards. During the pandemic crisis facing by citizens of India, the postponement of the NEET/JEE exam is important.

On Monday, Supreme Court rejects the petition for postponement of the NEET/JEE examination. The NEET/JEE examination took place in September 2020. According to the government statement that postponement of the NEET/JEE examination can affect the student’s future.

As the situation is not getting better in COVID-19 but the career of students can’t put on hold, according to the Government. All the exams will be conducted with proper preventive measures.

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The NEET (UG) will conduct on 13th September 2020. Around 15, 97,433 candidates have registered for NEET (UG).

In this pandemic crisis of COVID-19, everyone is suffering from COVID-19 whether financially or physically. During the COVID-19 crisis, the conduction of the NEET/JEE examination can increase the number of cases. 

Through Twitter, students started the protest against the conduction of the JEE/NEET examination. Students appeal to the postponement of examination. They appeal to conduct an exam after Diwali.

Bollywood celebrities, politicians are supporting students. They are appealing to the government for postponement of examination.

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Tweets regarding postponement of NEET/JEE examination:-

Nita Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani has supported students from day one of the announcement. Nita Ambani raises many questions through twitter. She tweets “Many states of India are under lockdown then how can exams be conducted”.  Further, she added if the transport is not available then how students go to enters.

Nita Ambani @ NEET JEE exam
Nita Ambani Tweet (Courtesy – Twitter)

Nita also tweets that she urges to Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji to interfere and straight away postpone all exams till normalcy. She further added that all students are India’s future and save them.

Congress @ NEET JEE exam
Congress Tweet (Courtesy – Twitter)

Congress also supports students and questioning the Government statement. They tweet by saying examination is an important part of the student’s academic life but should exams be continued at the cost of a student’s life.

Sachin Pilot @ NEET JEE exam
Sachin Pilot Tweet (Courtesy – Twitter)

Sachin Pilot, MLA from Tonk supports students for the postponement of the NEET/JEE examination. He tweets by saying many students requested the Government for postponement of the NEET/JEE examination. He further said students are the future of India, don’t unheard their voices.

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut tweet “Students are not against examination”. It’s about a matter of times which is not right. Kangana also said it’s a matter of their entire career.

Students have started campaign #SATYAGRAH_AgainstExamsInCovid through twitter. They want to postpone the examination due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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