Rajkumar promotes “Lunch Box” on Sawan Somwars

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Rajkumar Rao promotes “Lunch Box” on Sawan Somwars

In India, the month of Sawan is one of the most fortunate occasions. In this devotees worship Lord Shiva for health, wealth, and prosperity. On the occasion of Sawan Somwars, Rajkumar Rao promotes “Lunch Box”.

During Sawan, many devotes put on fast on every Monday of Sawan, which is known as Sawan Somwars. People mostly give up non-vegetarian food in Sawan month.

Through Instagram, Rajkumar Rao and his girlfriend Patralekha shares a video where they said that sometime they can’t get time to prepare food for themselves. They are also wondering to buy food through online order in COVID-19.

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Rajkumar also stated that Lockdowns have again become normal and Mondays have become super busy again. Then he shared his morning routine where they both woke up at 6 am in the morning, start the day with exercise. Then follow with their work like script rehearsal, digital promotions, online workshops, and all.

Rao girlfriend Patralekha, shared they are preparing food at home but sometimes the days are so hectic that they don’t have time for cooking. And now the days have begun like the Sawan month, so they both have decided to go on a date walk and explore more healthy food options.

Rajkumar-promotes-“lunch-box”-on-sawan-somwars (Courtesy – Instagram)

They found out the “Lunch Box” which introduce a new Sawan special menu on this auspicious occasion. This Sawan special “Lunch Box” is very healthy as well as delicious. In their video, they both tried the Sawan Special Lunch Box. Their experience was good with the delicious food.

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“Lunch Box” provides healthy food. So don’t stress out with food in busy days, just order ‘Lunch Box’ and grab it, said Patralekha. If anyone wants to take a break from the kitchen and still crave ‘Ghar ka Khana’ then order food from ‘Lunch box’.

This special Sawan ‘Lunch Box’ menu is available at Swiggy, Zomato, Faasos application. Check out a special menu and celebrate Sawan with Lunch Box.

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