Reason why IPL match is postponed


Reason why IPL match is postponed

The world's largest cricket league IPL season 14 has postponed. There were 29 matches played and the remaining 31 matches yet to be played. When will

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The world’s largest cricket league IPL season 14 has postponed. There were 29 matches played and the remaining 31 matches yet to be played. When will the remaining matches be? So, let’s find the reason why IPL match is postponed.

The ICC has not given any news regarding this. But it is believed that the remaining matches of the IPL season may take place, after World Cup T20. Therefore, World Cup T20 is to be held from 20th October – November 2021.

Why the BCCI decided to postpone the remaining match of Ipl 14. What is the reason why IPL match is postponed?

The BCCI has to postpone the IPL. As players reported positive for coronavirus.

To protect the players playing in this league from Corona infection, the BCCI had made a lot of rules. One of those rules was for players to live in the bio-bubble.

In the name of bio bubble, there was a special protocol for the players regarding coronavirus. Every player, coach, and other staff in this league had to stay within this bubble. Bio bubble will ensure players to be safe from corona while playing.

But this could not happen. Despite all the precautions, rules, and protocols. Corona cases started coming up among the players playing in the IPL. The Coronavirus first case reported in IPL was from Kolkata Knight Riders’, spin bowler Varun Chakraborty and Sandeep Warrier. They both found coronavirus positive.

Due to players being coronavirus positive 13 match of this season has to postpone. Both players were isolated but the threat of Coronavirus was still hovering above IPL 14.

But it was not so. Apart from Kolkata Knight Riders, Corona was also catching players from other teams.

Wriddhiman Saha, the player of Sunrisers Hyderabad’s tested positive for Coronavirus. Till now there were three Indian players who tested positive for Coronavirus. Then Chennai Super Kings coach L Balaji tested positive for Coronavirus.  Soon many players became Coronavirus positive. Frequent players were becoming corona positive.

Due to which many foreign players were afraid this time that they should catch the corona. Some foreign players are also openly talking about their fears about Corona. In such a situation, there was constant pressure on the BCCI to make the players confident about the threat of corona. The eyes of the players and cricket lovers from all over the world were resting on the BCCI.

The eyes of many domestic and foreign players playing in this league rested on the BCCI. In such a situation, the BCCI had to decide the future of this league. On one side there was the safety of the players and on the other, the sponsors who had put their money in this league. The BCCI faced a serious challenge but now it was very important to make a decision.

Finally, on 3 May, the BCCI decided the future of IPL 14 and postponed the IPL match for the safety of players. This is the reason why IPL match is postponed. Many foreign players welcomed the decision. Later, when the news of IPL postpones became common. Many foreign and domestic players were seen saying that the rate of corona in India is steadily increasing. Players seem concerned about their families and they wanted to go back to their houses as soon as possible.

Currently, IPL matches postponed. Every player is free to go home. Many foreign players have not yet reached their homes due to the Corona Protocol. The players will sent back to their country after completing their Quarantine days.

In this environment people are facing mental stress due to coronavirus. The news of the death due to Corona is hurting the minds of the people. In this situation, IPL is one of the reason behind people feel happy and relaxed.

In such a situation, it is very pleasant to have IPL postpone. Cricket fans hope to see the remaining matches of this IPL very soon. This postpone is for an indefinite time. Whereas the remaining matches of IPL will played in November – December of this year and the remaining matches of IPL will be held in UAE.

This will be not the first time when BBC conduct IPL Match in UAE. Earlier also BCCI has conducted the Whole IPL 2020  in the UAE. Even in 2020, it seemed that 13 seasons of the IPL would not happen due to Corona, but it did not happen. The BCCI not only got the organized IPL in Dubai, but the event was also successful.


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