Sadh Guru on new guidelines of the Education System

On tweeter, Sadh Guru appreciates the new guideline in the education system. Find out what he thinks about the new guidelines.

Sadh Guru
Sadh Guru (Courtesy - Twitter)

Sadh Guru tweet on new guidelines of the education system

On 29th July, Union Cabinet has approved the new National Education Policy (NEP). The human resource and development are renamed as the Ministry of Education. On this, Sadh Guru tweets on new guidelines of the education system.

Sadh Guru appreciates the new guidelines which are amended in our traditional educational system. He tweets by saying National Education Police is a radical departure from an archaic pedagogy.

The emphasis on holistic development will not only make learning more cheer full process. This will nurture the innate talent and develop skills in youth which is an invaluable asset for developing nations then compared to the prior education system. 

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As India Educational system has changed after 34 years of wait. Now the current system is more suitable for the 21st century. As the internet is more booming than traditional things.

The use of computers in daily life is more that leads to generating the skill of coding in students. It is a very important step from class 6, students are going to learn coding as a subject.

sadh-guru-on-new-guidelines-of-the-education-system (Courtesy – Twitter)

In the new system, there is no hard divide stream for students. Like after 10th every student has to take a stream whether it is science, arts, and commerce.

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For a new change, there is no hard and fast rule in stream selection, if a student wants to study chemical with bakery and fashion design with physics. These new rules will solve the problems of many students which confuse them in choosing streams and their main subjects then force them to choose in broad streams.

The National Educational Policy was first created in 1986 and then modified in 1992. After 29 years of wait, finally, a new policy is formed that provides more benefits to students.

On the new Educational System Policy, there are many who support it and many resisting it. Here are a few tweets that show both. One tweet, it seems to welcome change on most fronts. Another tweet goes as these new changes will definitely help more of the youth which gets more opportunity and equipment.

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