Sadhguru Live Today at 6 Pm


Sadhguru Live Today at 6 Pm

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Sadhguru Live Today at 6 Pm

Shri Sadhguru going live today at 6 Pm. Sadhguru offers daily practice and sadhana to boost immunity and enhance lung capacity.

His original name is Jaggi Vasudev but now popular with Sadhguru. He is an Indian Yogi and also an author.

Sadhguru wrote lots of books which are- Inner Engineering, Adiyogi- The source of Yoga, Encounter the Enlightened, Life and Death in One Breath, and so on.

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On 12th Jul Sadhguru was streamed live at around 1 hour 24 minutes on the topic “The Power of your Gut”. Then 5th July on the occasion of Guru Purnima he streams live for around 2 hours 15 minutes on YouTube. There his entire fan enjoys the live streaming by joining the live session of Sadhguru.

Sadguru-Live (Courtesy – YouTube)

He published 1,824 videos on YouTube based on spirituality, inner wisdom, and importance of karma, self-confidence, and many more. He has 5.24 Million Subscribers on YouTube Channel.

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Sadhguru YouTube channel @Sadhguru

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