Sadhguru provides intense grief on the Beirut explosion

The explosion took place at Beirut, Lebanon. Many consoled over the death caused by an explosion.

sadhguru-provides-intense-grief-on-the-beirut-explosion (Courtesy - Twitter)

Sadhguru provides intense grief on the Beirut explosion

On Tuesday, 4th August, a massive explosion took place in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Through twitter, Sadhguru provides intense grief on the Beirut explosion.

Sadhguru tweets that he always shares a deep and intimate bond with Beirut. He was very sad to see the level of destruction caused in Beirut due to a massive explosion.

He was also sad and in grief for the loss of lives in the city and many injured. Further, he motivates by saying that he was sure that this unfortunate incident will give strength and unity in between them.

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Sadhguru gives blessing also by saying may you rebuild even stronger and we are with bereaved and injured one. In this contrast, there were many more tweets where people are showing their grief for Beirut citizens and especially for those who lost their lives, and people got injured.

In the explosion of Beirut around 100 people were killed where 4000 people get injured. It was still unclear that what provoked this massive explosion, does an explosion caused due to fire which already there or something else.

Sadhguru Tweet
Sadhguru Tweet (Courtesy – Twitter)

This explosion caused damage to billions of dollars worth. Therefore, Lebanon has allocated 100 Billion Lebanese Pound for the damage caused by the blast. Further, the Prime Minister of Lebanon said that the main focus of the investigation would be investigating about 2,750 metric tons of Ammonium Nitrate, which was stored at the warehouse.

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Ammonium Nitrate is a salt of Ammonia and Nitric Acid. Ammonium Nitrate widely used in fertilizers and explosive materials. It has main in explosive materials. It’s a white crystalline solid salt which is highly dissolvable in water.

Ammonium Nitrate also plays the main role component in mining explosives. It will mix with fuel oil and detonator through an explosive charge.

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