Sonam: Five days left for Anand’s birthday

Six Days left for Anand’s Birthday: Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor organize a fun game
Sonam starts the countdown of Anand’s birthday

Sonam: Five days left for Anand’s birthday

Sonam Kapoor shares Anand’s Birthday countdown which was started via Instagram. From 24th July, Sonam started his husband’s birthday countdown. Today she wrote five days left for Anand’s birthday.

Five days left for Anand’s birthday, Sonam will share 5 favorite cities of Anand which she was fairly confident about it.

According to Sonam Anand’s favorite are Delhi, Mumbai, Philadelphia, New York City, Tokyo, and last but the least London. She shared this through Instagram video which she was posted.

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Anand was born and bought up in Delhi. Many childhood memories belong to Delhi, that’s why Delhi is on priority, according to Sonam. Then Anand’s favorite city is Mumbai because he loves the vibes of Mumbai and also his best friend lives there.

Sonam:-five-days-left-for-Anand’s-birthday (Courtesy – Instagram)

Sonam shared that Anand studied in Philadelphia and Anand took Sonam their before he proposes her in New York. Anand proposes Sonam in New York City, where he lived and got his first job after completing a study from Philadelphia.

In Tokyo, Sonam and Anand went for their honeymoon. They both love the Tokyo city. Sonam’s magical trip was Tokyo one which she loves the most. Then Sonam stated that last but not least city is London.

London is the city where they first met. Right now, they bought a house in London and where they live. These are the favorite cities of Anand according to Sonam.

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Sonam also shared that she was quite confident about this one. As over the years of their togetherness, they have lots of chit chat related to the cities or places which feel just like home and also the ones which are memorable to them. She wrote that their choices are pretty similar, for different reasons of course, so she hopes she get these right.

On 24th July Sonam shared Anand’s favorite 7 Sneakers which he loves the most. Then on 25th July, She shared Anand’s favorite 6 musicians, whom songs he loves the most.

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