Sonam re-organize “Take Two With Sonam”

On Instagram, Sonam Kapoor re-organizes the game “Take Two With Sonam”. Here you can find out, how you participate.

sonam-re-organize-“take-two-with-sonam” (Courtesy - Instagram)

Sonam re-organize “Take Two With Sonam”

Today Sonam Kapoor has posted a fun game with their criteria and deadlines to have fun. Sonam re-organize “Take Two With Sonam”.

In her first fun game of “Take Two With Sonam”, she posted her photos and ask participants to recreate this look and add some twist in the challenge. The photos she shared a classic one, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. In this outfit, she added red lipstick to look different and fab.

In the first game, she gets overwhelming responses from her fans. However, this makes it difficult for Sonam to choose the favorite one and the best one. But still, she finalizes three favorite photos which she loves the most.

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By the last response she gets from her fans she is overwhelmed and starts another edition of “Take Two With Sonam“. In this part of the game she just wants her fans to not just emulate but make experiments.

The theme of “Take Two With Sonam” second edition is Saree, Indian fashion at contemporary best. But it is not a simple Saree it’s a saree with a twist.

Take Two With Sonam
Take Two With Sonam (Courtesy – Instagram)

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Further, Sonam said that over the years of being in the public eye. She loved experimenting with 9-yard fabric by giving it her own spin or twist. He also said that the spin or twist comes according to her moods and her team’s mood whether by adding bold accessories and by draping it differently. 

Sonam explains the rules of the challenge. She said that the rules are very simple that shows her how you Style Your Saree and go crazy with your looks. She added by saying that she is going to watch every one of you. The deadline for the submission of the Saree you drag is 10th August 2020.

Then don’t forget to tag her @Sonam Kapoor

Also, participants use hashtag #TakeTwoWithSonam

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