Sonu Sood promotes the “Made in India” product.

Sonu Sood becomes one of the favorite celebrities of Bollywood. Let’s find out what product of “Made in India” he promotes.

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Sonu Sood promotes the “Made in India” product.

Bollywood actor, producer Sonu Sood has already done a lot for people in this coronavirus pandemic. Now Sonu Sood promotes the “Made in India” product which helps Indian society and even the economy.

India is fighting with coronavirus since February last and many people are homeless and jobless as well. Doctors and Police Officials are working hard to restrict the spread of COVID-19 across the country.

In this crisis, Sonu Sood has come up as a helping hand for people who are struggling to reach their home back. Even he helped people with surgery, employment, home, source of income, and so on.

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Those who are in trouble tweet him their problem and as soon as possible Sonu Sood resolves the problem. As students have demanded the postponement of the JEE/NEET examination to the government, Sonu Sood also supported them. He provided the mobile phone to the students who are struggling to study from one place to another.

What product Sonu Sood promote

Sonu Sood is the brand ambassador of TUSHTI. Tushti has shared a video of Suno Sood where he is addressing citizens of India and telling about coronavirus.

In this video of Tushti, Sonu tells about two more important things along with mask we need to care about it. As we all are moving ahead to Unlock of India amid COVID-19.


The first important thing along with the mask is Infrared Thermometer. It should in every household so that you can check who so ever is coming into your house.

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The second important thing is the Oximeter. Oximeter in every household is very important, said by Sonu Sood. He believes in Tushti because they are 100% “Made in India”.

As we import Oximeter, Infrared, thermometer from China which has no guarantee on it but Tushti gives a year guarantee, quoted by Sonu Sood. He also said if Tushti Oximeter gets damaged you can replace it or repair it by contacting customer care.

Sonu Sood further said if you want to believe then you can trust 100% TushtiMade in India” oximeter. He 100% believes in Tushti Oximeter as they are “Made in India” not imported from somewhere else.

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