“Take Two With Sonam”: Results out

The results are out for the game Sonam Kapoor has organized. Let’s have look who is selected for "Take Two With Sonam".

Sonam Kapoor (Courtesy - Instagram)

“Take Two With Sonam”: Results out

On 7th August 2020, Sonam Kapoor has again organized a fun game known as “Take Two With Sonam”. Today on Tuesday, results out for “Take Two With Sonam”.

The game “Take Two With Sonam” was first started in July. In her first-round, she said participants to wear a white shirt, blue jeans and add red lipstick. After around ten days she announced the results where she selected three pictures which she likes the most.

On 7th August, Sonam K. Ahuja re-organized “Take Two with Sonam”. In this, she said participants to drape Saree but with a twist. Sonam also shared her experience with Saree and shared her pictures. As Sonam said she likes to wear saree with a twist.

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Result of “Take Two With Sonam”

Sonam Kapoor said that in this round she really had all of you shown her a most creative side. She had a gala time in picking up the winner. Sonam Kapoor has ended up picking 5 entries instead of 3.

She likes these 5 entries the most and she congratulates winners and participants for the styles. In these 5 winners, Sonam also comments on what she loves about them.

Ashwini Narayan @ Take Two With Sonam
Ashwini Narayan (Courtesy – Instagram)

The first picture Sonam selected is of Ashwini Narayan. In Ashwini Narayan’s picture she “Love the twist on the Traditional drape!”.

Sargam Sethi @ Take Two With Sonam
Sargam Sethi (Courtesy – Instagram)

The second winner of “Take Two With Sonam” is Sargam Sethi. Sonam likes the Edgy boots makes for a killer statement.

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Sagar Kadrekar @ Take Two With Sonam
Sagar Kadrekar (Courtesy – Instagram)

The third winner of “Take Two With Sonam” is Sagar Kadrekar. Sonam comment this picture by saying “Androgyny is always in vogue”.

Yorītam @ Take Two With Sonam
Yorītam (Courtesy – Instagram)

The fourth winner of “Take Two With Sonam” is Yoritam. Soman Kapoor selected her as a fourth winner and said three words “Effortless. Experimental. Eclectic.”

Ishita Mangal @ Take Two With Sonam
Ishita Mangal (Courtesy – Instagram)

The fifth winner of “Take Two With Sonam” is Ishita Mangal. Sonam Kapoor comment by saying she like the attitude on point and love the accessories and the swag of Ishita Mangal.

After this Sonam asks from fans that should there be another round of taking Two With Sonam. She asks suggestions on what challenge next time.

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