The motive behind listening to music: India

Let’s find out the purpose of listening to the music of all ages.

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The motive behind listening to music: India

At every age, India has tuned themselves into music whether for relaxing, motivating, feeling connected, and many more. A survey reveals the actual motive behind listening to the music of India.

A survey conducted by Spotify India and Nielsen in early 2020. Their research team has surveyed around 18,000 respondents across the 24 cities. They mostly cover the country’s urban addressable market to actually understand the social attitude towards music.

Spotify India is one of the biggest audio streaming platforms in the world. Spotify launched in 2008 and it also launched a premium family plan to Indian users just in Rs. 179 per month.

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Marcia Sekhose said Indian music streamers use it to relax at home and tend to have a strong affinity towards the artistes.

How Indians tune into the music

In this survey, they questioned varied age groups and they are asked: “Why they listen to music“. The answers given by respondents are recorded and plot into data that shows:

1.         The age group between 13-17 years – They listen to music just to influence their mood and pass the time.

2.         The age group between 25-29 years – They mostly listen to music to motivate themselves and keep them productive.

3.         The age group above 45 years – They listen to music to learn more about and also to connect to an artist.

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The second question they asked is “What they do when listening to music“. The gathered information from the survey shows:

1.         81% listen to music while relaxing at home

2.         71% listen to music while doing chores

3.         69% listen to music while working

4.         58% listen to music while getting ready for the day

5.         50% listen to music while working out

6.         48% listen to music while praying or worshipping

The Bengaluru, Mangaluru, and Raipur residents were above the country average music listener when it comes to listening to the music while doing other things.

The music lovers from Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Goa are more inclined to follow their favorite music artists on the social media platforms. Whereas, the music lovers from Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai more likely to visit their favorite artiste social media page once a month.

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