The nurse set on fire by stalker: Andhra Pradesh


The nurse set on fire by stalker: Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, 24-year-old women who were working as a nurse in a COVID-19 care center at Vijayawada. The nurse set on fire by a stalker in Andhra Pradesh when she returning at her residence.

While the women were died on spot but the stalker was admitted to hospital with 80% burns. The stalker set her on fire and nurse pulls him in. They both burn and later died.

The incident took place at Krishna district, Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. She was working in the COVID-19 care centre and was returning back to her residence on Monday night.

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The nurse had been in a relationship with stalker from last 4 years. A few months back she wanted to end the relationship, statement by Assistant Commissioner of Police.

He also said that but the stalker was continuously harassing her and forcing her to marry him. The women had also lodged a complaint against him on 5th October, saying that man was continuing harassing her though she has broken the relationship.

The Governopet police in Vijayawada has warned the man and taken an undertaking that he would not trouble her again. So after undertaking given by man, the nurse has withdrawn her complaint from the police station, said ACP.

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The incident has taken place on Monday night when she was returning from work. The man has appeared again and argued with her against the FIR that she filed against him.

According to police, it was a preplanned murder, as man has already carried a bottle of petrol with him. During the argument, he abruptly poured petrol over her and set her fire. But the women have held him tight so that he couldn’t escape out.

The neighbors rushed there when listened to their cries and separate them. The women were died on spot but the stalker has 80% burns and sent to the Government Hospital. But he also died in the early hours of Tuesday.

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