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Tweets come after Gajraj’s demise

Tweets come after Gajraj’s demise On 15th July, Wildlife SOS has informed through a tweet that Gajraj, known as 'King of Elephant' has passed away

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Tweets come after Gajraj’s demise

On 15th July, Wildlife SOS has informed through a tweet that Gajraj, known as ‘King of Elephant’ has passed away. Just after the news, tweets come after Gajraj’s demise.

Wildlife SOS has tweeted by saying with deep sorrow struck heart the Gajraj has passed away. They also stated that the last moment of his life, Gajraj was surrounded by their loved one and who cared for him. His last moment was peaceful and filled with love from his near and dear ones.

By sharing pictures of Gajraj, Wildlife SOS said this was in remember of ‘King of the Elephant’, Gajraj. They shared their thoughts by retweeting Wildlife SOS was in grief and all were heartbroken.

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Once we get our thoughts back after this unfortunate situation, soon we post a tribute to the regal elephant.

The average life span of an elephant is 70 years. However, the African bush elephant lives 60-70 years. Asian elephant lives up to 48 years. African forest elephant lives 60-70 years.

After the news, many tweets come after Gajraj’s demise. Some tweets are as follows-

Sidharth Malhotra tweeted; I remember my first meeting with these grand gentle animals at #wildlifesos. It was sad to hear we’ve lost Gajraj. There was only relief that he was surrounded by love ones during his last moments.

Gajraj @ LatestInTheNews
Pic Courtesy – WilflifeSOS

Gentle Giants Non-Profit tweet, “Our thoughts are with Wildlife SOS at the time following with sad news of Gajraj’s demise. They also added by saying sleep well with love sweet boy.”

Chris S. Dixon tweet, “It was sad to know about Gajraj’s demise but it is good to know that he was surrounded with friends and loved ones.”

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Many other tweets also states Gajraj’s Rest in Peace and were relieved that he took his last breathe surrounded with loved and dear ones.

Over 50 years, Gajraj was worked as a temple elephant in Aundh in Satara, Maharashtra. He played an important in festivals and in temple works. Devotees resemble him as an icon of worship. Due to his advancing age, he was suffering from several medical issues like foot and hip abscesses, arthritic joints.

In 2017, Gajraj took his first step in Wildlife SOS with the assistance of “Prahlad”. He was like the grandfather to other elephants.

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