Who are the Foley artists?

Sonam Kapoor has appreciated the work of Foley artists through Instagram. Let’s find out who are the Foley artists she talked about.

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Who are the Foley artists?

Through Instagram, Sonam Kapoor has talked about the efforts of Foley artists in a film. Who are the Foley artists?

Not all superstars show up on the screen, some of them work on the other side, said Sonam K Ahuja. Through Instagram, Sonam has shared about Foley artists who worked in detail to ensure the effect is the same.

Sonam Kapoor said about Karan Arjun Singh who is the founder of Just Foley and the second person she talked about Karnail Singh and Sajjan Chowdhry from Aradhana Studio.

“From footsteps to fighting noises, these super-talented gentlemen re-create every sound in the movies perfectly”, said Sonam Kapoor.

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Foley Artists

They are those who have a deep knowledge of sound, music, and rhythm. They re-create sounds for film, video, and other media to enhance the audio quality.

The action taken on the film set has been re-created by Foley Artists in their studio to enhance the sound quality. They use a variety of props to re-create specific sounds.

Karan Arjun Singh @ who are the Foley artists
Karan Arjun Singh (Courtesy – Instagram)

Karan Arjun Singh a Foley Artist as well as a Sound engineer. He has already re-created the sounds for many films of Bollywood. Karan Arjun Singh said you need to control your body while performing as a Foley artist. He introduced to Foley at the age of 12.

Karnail Singh and Sajjan Chowdhry @ who are the Foley artist
Karnail Singh and Sajjan Chowdhry (Courtesy – Instagram)

Karnail Singh and Sajjan Chowdhry is the Foley veteran at Aradhana Studio. They have done almost 3,000 films in 33 years. They both worked from Parinda movie to Bajirao Mastani.

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Sonam shared a video of both Foley Artists and it shows how they work and they assemble the things that make a perfect voice for the scene. She said that here’s a big shoutout to these amazing folks whose crafts contributes to the success of all films.

Sonam further asked the fans that anyone who knows other Foley Artists comments here in the comment box. She also said don’t forget to send your entries for #FoleyWithSonam.

To get featured in “FoleyWithSonam” you get a chance in getting featured on Sonam’s Instagram.

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