Why #BABA KA DHABA is trending over the internet?

#baba ka dhaba
Pic courtesy - @attorneybharti

Why #BABA KA DHABA is trending over the internet?

Through this hashtag, you get to know the power of social media. By sharing a video and increase the audience and also start a new trend. Let’s find out Why #BABA KA DHABA is trending over the internet.

By this video, the situation of an 80-year-old elderly couple will improve now. Even all from India has started helping them out through donation and many other things.

During Coronavirus, many are avoiding eating outside especially roadside stalls. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, vendors are at a loss and hoping that something will change their situation.

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Youtuber Gaurav Wasan has visited Baba Ka Dhaba in Malviya Nagar and he shared their story on Instagram account where the video shows their struggle of selling food.

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the elderly couple is struggling even selling half Kg of Rice, Dal, and other food items. The video of Baba Ka Dhaba has gone viral and trending over the internet.

In the video, their food appeared to be mouth-watering and even they both have maintained their stall properly and after seeing the video, many people came up for support.

Today morning, his stall is filled with visitors. Even it became trending on Twitter. Many celebrities, cricketers, and even companies come forward for their help.

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On Twitter, many tweets say this is the power of social media. Today morning, Adv. Somnath Bharti has visited “Baba Ka Dhaba” and tweet “Done the needful to bring a smile on their face as promised”. He further tweeted that he will take care of them and starting a drive to take care of similarly placed people.

The Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has retweeted Somnath Bharti post and said “Delhi Dil Walo ke”.

Harsh @ Baba ka dhaba
Pic courtesy – Instagram

Harsh Beniwal through Instagram said, “Just look at this smile, priceless.” He further said did my part and he appealed to people to do there and eat food.

Many others who have visited #Baba Ka Dhaba have shared their picture on social media and appeal to others to also visit.

Address of #Baba Ka Dhaba: Shivalik B Block, Malviya Nagar Opposite Hanuman mandir

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